Julia Wunder

Helping others to reconnect with their body and soul to live a life of joy, passion and purpose

Welcome to my page, I am a Health and Transformation Coach and Quantum Flow and Quantum Healing Practitioner.

My mission is to help you to come back into a natural state of freedom and flow, so you can live your best life with ease, joy and passion.

As a former dancer, my passion and gift is to help others to create a deeper and loving relationship with their body and soul and to find more peace, love, harmony, ease and flow in their lives.

I use different embodiment practices, breath work, yoga, dance and energy work to take you on a playful journey to inner mastery and transformation so you can access your full potential, learn to trust your inner guidance and find your true purpose and meaning.

I have been on my own personal journey of spiritual awakening as well as guiding others on their journey for over 20 years.

My teachings and activations are light hearted, deep, intuitive, playful and potent.

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Are you ready to let go of 2022 and get ready for an epic 2023?

Join me for a 7 week deep dive into Quantum Flow to release the old and get ready for the new with clarity and confidence. 

The next QF immersion starts on the 9th of November! Online and in person options available.