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I'm Julia, an International Quantum Healer, Health Coach, Yoga Teacher, and Facilitator of Embodiment Practices .

With over 25 years of experience, I'm dedicated to helping you live a healthy, joyful life filled with love, purpose, and passion.

Through my own transformative journey as a single mom, I've overcome painful challenges and discovered peace and healing through practices like yoga, energy work, and quantum healing. I also incorporate embodiment practices and counseling into my approach, recognizing the importance of integrating mind, body, and soul for holistic well-being.

I believe in the power of magic within each individual. You are worthy, beautiful, and powerful. Together, we can unlock your true potential, overcome obstacles, and create your dream life.

Let's embark on this extraordinary journey of self-discovery and transformation.

Our Mission

Here to Inspire and help others to reconnect with their body and soul to live a life of joy , passion and purpose

Through Dance, Cacao, Yoga, Breath medicine, Quantum Flow, Activations, Meditation, Sound Healing

Quantum Healing

Quantum Healing is a personalized method aimed at removing past traumas, internal blockages, and subconscious patterns that hinder personal growth. The sessions are tailored to individual needs and may involve various techniques such as hypnotherapy, NLP, timeline therapy, inner child healing, energy healing, and physical practices like movement, breathwork, and sound therapy. The goal is to release what no longer serves and allow individuals to live up to their highest potential. In a session, after setting an intention, a sacred and safe space is created, and a combination of intuitive healing processes is employed. The result is a sense of lightness, calmness, clarity, and focus, leaving individuals feeling empowered and inspired. Tools and tips for integration at home are also provided.

Quantum Flow

Quantum Flow is a holistic embodiment practice created by Juanpablo Barahona that combines modern science with ancient wisdom to optimize our mind, body, and soul. It involves seven stages: grounding, alchemy, incorement, radiancy, flow, integration, and divine truth. Each stage addresses different aspects of ourselves and helps us master our being. The practice emphasizes self-awareness and working with our thoughts, emotions, body, subconscious mind, and energy body. By connecting with our core and activating our passion, we align with our purpose and tap into infinite possibilities. Activating our pineal gland allows us to enter a state of flow, where we manifest our dreams and live from the truth of our heart. Quantum Flow offers a comprehensive approach to self-mastery by integrating various practices and techniques for overall well-being.

Yoga, Pilates, Meditation

I offer personalized one-on-one and small group sessions for yoga, pilates, and meditation. My mission is to help you find joy in movement and relaxation, making it an enjoyable part of your daily routine. Through tailored practices, we'll explore techniques that promote health, balance, playfulness, and calmness. Prior to each session, we'll have a conversation to understand your needs and preferences, ensuring a unique and fulfilling experience. Join me on this journey to cultivate mindfulness and holistic well-being through yoga, pilates, breathwork, and meditation.

Breath Medicine

Breath Medicine, created by Daisy Kaye, is a powerful tool that combines connected breathwork with elements of Taoist, Tantric, and Shamanic wisdom. It aims to cultivate present moment awareness, release past traumas, and reconnect individuals with their original selves. Through effortless breathwork, meditation, movement, and touch, participants experience a safe space where they can nourish their nervous system, unwind tension, and integrate emotions and memories. The practice promotes mindfulness, vitality, success, and a deeper connection with one's inner being. Expect to feel more alive, inspired, at peace, and at home in your body, mind, and soul.


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Our world needs activated, awakened souls who shine their light and share their voice.

8 week transformational Quantum Flow journey to access deeper layers of your divine self and to step into the best version of yourself


Go even deeper and come onto a 10 week transformational journey incorporating Quantum Flow and Quantum Healing to step into your full potential and purpose.

Healing, transformation, expansion


Monthly workshops with different topics around self love, self care, self acceptance

Sacred Soul Embodiment journeys are designed to help you to connect you with your innate wisdom and to create a deeper and more loving relationship with yourself, your body, mind and soul . A journey to remember who you truly are .


An online self transformational course

An online course using breathwork, meditation, introspection, journaling, quantum flow and yoga to move us from a state of fear and feeling stuck into liberated freedom in our bodies and our minds. Helping us feel more joy and happiness in our lives

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