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What my clients say about their experience with me


Skye J Williams

Conscious Parenting Coach

"Omg I’m blown away. Since the session I’ve journaled like a Queen. I’ve downloaded my whole new program that was trying to come through. I’m also on the verge of rebranding and felt blocked. It has all unfolded this evening. That was pure magic. Thank you."


Matiu Te Huki


"I loved working with Jules and getting my Quantum Flow on. Even through a screen I could feel her vibrancy and I've been starting my days with her grounding, activating movements, picturing her doing them with me ever since (over a year now). I love her work, her vibe and her spirit. I highly recommend connecting with Jules to lift your vibration."


Adriana Pasarelu

Strategic and Transformational Life Coach

"I have had the pleasure of having a Quantum Healing session with Julia in the Costa Rican jungles. Julia's beautiful energy created a safe space, allowing me to be in total surrender. My heart opened up, I felt calm and grounded. Julia's soft presence is so healing and calming."

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