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My Story

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Hi I am Julia, an International Quantum Healer, Quantum Flow Practitioner, Health and Transformation Coach, Yoga and Pilates Teacher, Kahuna Bodyworker, Breath Medicine and 5 Element Dance facilitator, Cacao Ceremonialist and Reiki Master.

My mission is to help others to live a healthy joyful life with love, purpose, pleasure, passion and fun.

I firmly believe you should live your dreams and commit fully to yourself.

I studied dance and movement for many years and travel have always been a big part of my life.

I was born and raised in Germany and have lived and taught in Switzerland for many years.

Almost nine years ago a world holiday brought me to Australia, where I live now.

I am also a mother of three children and a self development junkie. In my own life journey as a single mum I have experienced painful breakups, abusive relationships, burnout and other extreme challenges in my life.

I have had to start my life more than once over again.

However I found peace and deep healing in yoga, energy work, quantum flow and quantum healing and the understanding of the human mind, body and soul.

This is why I am passionate to help others to overcome those challenges too and to create their dream life.

I am a big believer in magic and I love to guide others through transformation.

I love to impact others and I want everyone to know they are worthy, beautiful and powerful.

Over the past twenty five years I have collected a large amount of knowledge around health and wellbeing, movement, breath, meditation, nutrition, energy work, psychology and healing.

This has helped my to transform my own life and inspired hundreds of others to believe in themselves, to follow their dreams and to trust themselves and in life. 

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